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It’s kind of a big deal in the industry. The award is recognized throughout the airport industry as the highest honor an airport can earn in the public and media relations field. There are a number of categories, but Flight Deck was awarded the #1 spot for creative innovations. WOOT!

So just what is Flight Deck? The SFO Flight Deck is composed of three distinct but connected digital experiences — an interactive and real time large scale projection (you can’t miss it), six multi-touch kiosks that are rich with beautiful content, and a mobile takeaway component for those on the go. The entire experience resides in Terminal 3, but the projected visualization serves as a beacon calling all SFO guests to contribute to the global SFO travel story. Content in all three experiences encompasses the entire airport and extends its reach into the city of San Francisco and global destinations.

I just love my clients at Avenue B Development - they do beautiful work, and I get the opportunity to make some beautiful advertising for them. 

They wanted a bolder, fresher look for this year, so I went bold! I took some cues from Pantone and used the color of the year, Wild Orchid, as the inspiration for the accents.

See more of their gorgeous work on their web site, AvenueBdev.com2014 Spring/Summer edition of Austin Home Magazine will hit the stands June 1.  

Something has to change: LEAD BY EXAMPLE

I helped lead a workshop on Saturday for Girls in STEM - the purpose was to expose them to the types of work we do and encourage them to pursue careers in Science / Tech / Engineering / Math.

On the one hand, it makes total sense to get more girls into these male-dominated fields so that we can average out the playing field. Hopefully make wages more equitable. Maybe it will help us earn more respect.

On the other hand, we’ve been yammering about this a while now, and there has been little cultural progression or adaptation as more and more women DO enter these fields. As a woman in tech, I am reminded daily that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. And it’s not just men’s fault.

If you’re a female who tries to display leadership, you’re called “bossy”, or told you’re not “collaborative” or a “team player”, while your male counterparts are rewarded for the same behavior.

If you’re a female who tries to address a situation head-on, you’re reprimanded for being “confrontational” while the men in the office are respected for being direct. If you try a different, softer approach, you’re probably just being “passive aggressive”.

If, by chance, a coworker perceives your display of leadership, or your very efficient, very direct communication style as negative or takes it personally, don’t you dare try to understand how they arrived at that notion, nor attempt to talk it out, lest you be accused of trying to “rationalize” your behavior and “justify / excuse” your mistakes, no matter how open you are to understanding, nor how good you think you are at owning up.

And by god, if you are a woman and *want* to enter a male dominated field, don’t bother unless you’re hot. Studies show that looks will get you hired, promoted, and paid more on average. You’ll also likely be considered smarter than you really are, as people tend to over-estimate the smarts of pretty people, while the same people underestimate the smarts of average looking folks.

I felt a twinge of guilt as I promoted my industry to a bunch of whip smart 12 and 13yr old girls. It’s not that I think we should give up on getting more girls into these fields, but I am at a loss for finding the motivation to persevere when it’s made clear at every turn that this shit isn’t going to stop, and it’s not getting any better.

Another day, another year, and more anonymous feedback where someone has yet again called a woman your choice of negative words above. And I’m not just speaking for myself, although I’ve been playing at this game for well over 15 years now, and I’ve arrived at a few conclusions. 1 - It’s exhausting. 2 - It’s unimaginably frustrating. 3 - It’s impossible to live up to arbitrarily set, unattainable double standards.


Men (and women) who aren’t making an effort to improve the climate of our workplace may not make comments about our asses in mixed company anymore, but they still, by and large, decide whether or not we have successful careers. If you want to make the workplace more hospitable towards women, then LEAD BY EXAMPLE.

Introducing Proxima Nouveau, a typeface mod based on Proxima Nova. The typeface design takes the counter-space within the lowercase a, and extends it to form a paisley shape, which becomes the basis for the entire modification. Let’s get flourish-y with it. 

Working on my next #typeface #design Ouh La La Laitue, based on beautiful, frilly leafy green lettuce #typography #mfa #txstate #gradschool

This deep connection to making positions design in a modulating role between the user and the world. By manipulating form, design reshapes that essential relationship. Form is replaced by exchange. The things we make negotiate a relationship over which we have profound control.

Michael Rock, Fuck Content (2009)

Holy Hell my new creation is delicious! Hoping it helps usher this nasty stomach bug right outta my bod & quick 🍅 Verde V8 + #probiotics = 3 handfuls #spinach • whole #celery heart + 2 sticks • handful #cilantro • 2 #limes mostly peeled • 3-4 large cloves #garlic • 2 #tomatillos • 1.5 pints Kumato #tomatoes (unfiltered) • 1/2 jalapeño #juicing #cleansing #health #diet #raw (at The Cactus Patch On Oltorf)

Type mandala in action! #gradschool #txstate #mfa #typography #design (at The Cactus Patch On Oltorf)

Lazerhawk - Skull and Shark

Badass.  Lazerhawk’s sound is somewhat reminiscient of Ghostland Observatory sans vocals.  He bills himself as Outrun Electro, Synthwave and Chillwave in dedication to the 1980s.  Read more about him here: Lazerhawk on Rosso Corsa

Give the new record (released 10.24.2013) a listen on Bandcamp: Skull and Shark by Lazerhawk

No rest for the wicked. #gradschool #txstate #MFA (at The Cactus Patch On Oltorf)

Gorgeous. (via Photo by glynsmyth)

(via Pete Hoddap • Miscellaneous Graphic Art)

Those who restrain desire, do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained.

William Blake  (via denisforkas)

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